A single source of internal information and tools powered by Microsoft 365 with a user-friendly interface. In one subscription you get the tools an informations allways up to date for your Business

Single source of internal information

  • Easy to be an employer

  • Easy to be a responsible

  • Security

  • Efficiency

  • Governance

  • Regulations

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  • 1-2000 people

  • Segments

  • Producing

  • Consulting

  • Trading

  • Uses Office 365 or are about to start.

Collecting Information

All companies are different, but we find KPIs and work processes that are the same, can conclude what works and don’t in different areas.
  • Industries

  • Company sizes

  • What system you use

  • Employer type

Use AI model to use for predicting:
  • What action companies need to take

  • Success or no success

  • Trends

  • Healthy vs. not healthy