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What exactly are Power Pages? We explain!

Power Pages is the latest member of the Microsoft Power Platform family. With Power Pages, you can build websites using the same shared business data stored in Microsoft Dataverse that you use to build apps, workflows, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analytics with other Microsoft Power Platform components in your organization.

For years, organizations have been using Power Apps portals as a quick and easy way to create business websites and add existing ones. Now, as a new, standalone product, Power Pages provides everyone, regardless of their technical background, with an effective platform for creating data-driven, modern and secure websites. Power Pages is built on the foundation of Power Apps portals and provides the same robust capabilities and professional development experiences along with a new experience for low-code creators and ready-made templates for designing modern corporate websites.

Microsoft Power Pages is a secure, enterprise-class, low-coded software as a service (SaaS) platform for creating, hosting and managing modern external enterprise websites. Whether you are a low-code maker or a professional developer, Power Pages lets you quickly design, configure, and publish websites that work seamlessly across browsers and devices. Power Pages gives you rich, customizable templates, a fluid visual experience through a redesigned design studio and a new, integrated learning hub to quickly build websites to suit your unique business needs.

We at Exsolve have already improved our Power Pages and have had time to develop several pages. We think that Power Pages is so fun and exciting and will be more than happy to help you get started. We show how Power Pages works, how you administer your page and how you change the look.

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